What to do in Ljubljana, when it rains?


It sometimes rains in Ljubljana, even in summer. Interestingly, the highest number of rainy days are in May, June, and July, mainly due to shorter summer storms. Heavy rain comes later, in October and November.

If you stay in one of Sweet Stay Ljubljana apartments during rainy days and do not want to sit inside all day, there are many different kinds of opportunities to have fun.

For all beer lovers, there is Union Experience Tour. Union brewery is the only brewery in Europe that is located in the strict city center. The tour takes you to the history of Union brewery and you will see how the beer is produced nowadays (you will see everything from storage of the ingredients to labeling of the bottles and their transport). Every visitor receives a gift and there are two beer tastings at the end. However, no worries if you don’t drink alcohol, they also have non-alcoholic beverages. Union brewery offers also a gift shop and a restaurant. If you decide to visit the Union brewery, just walk through Tivoli Park and the brewery is at its east end, on Celovška Street.

kozarci različnega piva na leseni podlagi

Another option for indoor activities is House of Illusions. It’s in the center of Ljubljana, at Kongresni trg. It’s not just for kids, adults love it, too.

An illusion is a misinterpretation of a situation by our senses. It usually happens due to receiving too much information. Illusions may occur with any one of our senses, but visual illusions (optical illusions) are the best known and understood.

In House of Illusions you can experience more than 40 exhibits. Just to name a few:

  • upside-down room, where you can finally walk on the ceiling like a spider
  • face mashup will replace part of your face with someone else’s
  • the true mirror will show you how others really see you because normal mirrors distort your appearance

After visiting all exhibitions, you can even try some tricky games in the illusional play zone or buy some illusional gifts in their shop.

Are you a fan of solving mysteries and like reading criminal stories? If the answer is yes, then you are the right person for visiting one of the many escape rooms in Ljubljana. Enigmarium on Trdinova street, which was the first one in Ljubljana and is the most visited, has four different escape rooms. They offer also an outdoor game “Unlock Ljubljana” where you get to know our city in a fun way. There is also MindMaze with two different games, the Key with two games, and Forest escape rooms, which take place outside and have five different games.

The largest number of different escape rooms is offered in Woop! Arena – the largest and the most up-to-date fun park in Ljubljana. It is situated in Ljubljana’s largest shopping mall BTC. Apart from escape rooms, the Woop park offers also a trampoline park, bowling, karting, and laser tag.

odrasli pri reševanju kriminalne zgodbe

If you like history and arts, you can also visit some of the museums and art galleries in the city center. You can visit National Museum of Slovenia, City Museum of Ljubljana, City Art Gallery, Plečnik House, Jakopič Gallery, Vila Zlatica to name just a few.

Narodna galerija - zunanjost zgradbe in vhod

Another option how to spend a rainy day and experience something new is to visit Postojna cave and Predjama castle. They are one of the most famous places in Slovenia visited by already more than 40 million visitors from all over the world. You’ll experience a ride with the only double-track cave railway in the world, admire the unique natural Karst phenomenon, and meet the largest cave-living animal with a “superpower” – they can live without food for as many as 12 years and revitalize its missing extremities.

The Postojna cave visit will take you approximately an hour and a half. The railway tour is 3,7 km long, and there is also a 1,5 km easy walk. Be aware that the temperature in the cave is always 10oC. You can read more about Postojnska Jama and Predjama castle here.

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