Things to see & do at Zaplana

Things to see & do at Zaplana

Sights & Landmarks in the neighbourhood

Some of the main attractions at Zaplana are the lookout tower at Planina, the highest hill Ulovka that used to be a skiing slope, Napoleon well and the church of St. Urh. 

Bear Watching

​Zaplana is also the natural habitat of wolves, lynx and bears. You can even book a bear watching tour at Notranjski regijski park. But don’t worry, you’ll only meet a deer, a rabbit or a fox when you wander in the woods.

Day trips

Postojna Cave, Rakov Škocjan Valley (UNESCO), Idrija (UNESCO), Pivka (with military museum) are all less than an hour drive away from Zaplana.

Local food

You can indulge in fine local food at farm Kuren, or try recipes of our grandmothers at Planina nad Vrhinko hut. If you prefer BBQ, you can visit Star Maln at the Ljubljanica spring.

Mushroom & Wild Garlic picking

Since you are situated almost in the heart of the forest, you can pick the mushrooms, especially in autumn months and after rainy days. At Zaplana there are also many natural sites of Wild Garlic (in early spring).

Hiking & Biking Trails

There is a marked biking trail at Zaplana, named K2 in length 22 km (more info at TIC Vrhika).