Things to see & do in Moravske Toplice

Things to see & do in Moravske Toplice

Spa & wellness

There are a lot of possibilities to enjoy swimming pools and wellness services, as the Terme 3000 complex is just 300 m away from the apartments. Another possibility is to visit Terme Vivat, which is 700 m away.

Natural sights

The lazy, quiet river Mura offers a lot of interesting points, like the Island of love in Ižakovci, or the old floating mill. You can also cross the Mura with one of the still-operating ferries.

Trips in the vicinity

If you visit the 53 m tall watchtower Vinariumin Lendava, you’ll be able to see landscapes of 4 different countries at once. You can also learn more about Pomurje in Expano exhibition by the Sobota lake.

Cultural and Historical Sights

Prekmurje is a land of many castles and interesting historical buildings. You have to visit the famous 13th-century church Rotunda, the architect Plečnik’s church in Bogojina, a castle in Murska Sobota, Rakičan, Lendava and Goričko (to name just a few).

Fun for kids

If kids ever get tired of swimming pools and splashy games, you can take them to Adventure park Vulkanija where you’ll experience a volcano that was active 3 million years ago on the territory of Slovenia. The Tropical garden with orchids in Dobrovnik will for sure impress kids with more than 900 different plants – even those that eat bugs.


Some of the most famous traditional meals of Prekmurje are: prekmurska gibanica, bograč, dödöle, ham and bujta repa. You can indulge them in several well-known restaurants, like Rajh, Lovenjak, Kodila,… If you have a sweet tooth, then a visit to chocolate shop Passero will be the right thing – you’ll even be able to make your own chocolate.