General Terms and conditions



These general conditions and instructions for rental and use of the apartments (hereinafter the general conditions) constitute an integral part of the contract between a provider Sweet Stay, Oddajanje nepremičnin, Polonca Gašperič s.p., Cesta na Brdo 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Mat. št.: 8396558000, VAT: SI 66511259 (hereinafter the provider) and the person who has concluded the contract to rent an apartment (hereinafter a guest) and apply for rental apartments.

A guest is anyone who made a valid order for using/renting the apartment in verbal, written, or electronic form (hereinafter reservation or order), performed a lease or made the payment for an apartment or bundled offer rental. A guest is also a third person who made an order for another person. With the order, the guest agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions and confirms that he or she was fully aware of and understands the general conditions at the time of making the reservation. One can also get informed about the general conditions on the web address, and at the apartment.


At the time of reservation, the guest must provide information about name, surname, address, rental period, chosen apartment, and guarantee the authenticity and veracity of the information. In case of false information at the check-in, the guest is responsible for the consequences resulting from the incorrect data.

Apartment house lease or use of bundled offers contract between provider and guest is concluded when the guest receives a written confirmation of the order.

Upon payment of the full amount of the rental price of the apartment, the provider will issue an invoice. Booking is binding for the guest.


In accordance with Article 23 of the Tourism Development Act (Official Gazette of Slovenia No. 2/04 with amendments and additions), the guest is obliged to pay the tourist tax together with the payment of accommodation.


The service provider’s price list (in €) is published on the website and in the apartment.

The provider reserves the right to modify the prices of the services. Apartment rental prices are consistent with the prices, published on the day of the reservation.

In case the guest caused damage to the apartment equipment or apartment settlement, or did not leave the apartment in the expected clean state, the provider is entitled to charge for the damages.
The guest is obliged to pay the total damage.


The guest has the right to cancel the reservation. The guest must inform the provider about the cancellation in writing (by mail or e-mail) at least 7 days prior to the planned check-in date. If cancellation is not made in writing, the reservation is deemed not to be cancelled.

In case the guest does not check-in to the booked services, does not appear at the apartment until the end of the day of the intended arrival (“no-show”), the reservation is considered cancelled and the costs of cancellation will be charged in accordance with the previous paragraph.

If the guest checks out earlier than planned, does not make use of all the benefits or offered services, for reasons that do not depend on the provider (illness, trip changes, bad weather conditions etc.), the guest is not entitled to reimbursement of the costs and must pay the entire value of the reservation. In the event of termination of the lease due to the force majeure, without the existence of the reasons on the side of the provider, the guest has no right to claim any damages or price reductions.


In accordance with the applicable law, in case that before or during the execution of service occur circumstances, that could not be prevented or avoided, the provider reserves the right to change or cancel the reservation.

The provider may cancel the contract or withdraw from the contract and claim damages from a guest who violates the provisions of the contract, general conditions, or house rules.


The guest is bound to use all of the devices and equipment in the apartment and apartment house with the utmost care and forethought in accordance with the general conditions and house rules. In case of intentional or negligent damage of the devices or equipment in the apartment or apartment settlement, the guest is obliged to repay the entire damages. In case there is damage in the apartment or apartment settlement, the guest is required to notify the provider as soon as possible. In addition to the guest, all other users of the apartment are contractually obliged and must guarantee the reimbursement of the potential damage.

Smoking in the apartment is strictly forbidden. Smoking is allowed on the terraces and balconies of the apartments. In a case of violation of the smoking ban, a penalty is 300,00 € and it will be charged with the rent.

People not registered at the reception of the apartment settlement, are not allowed to stay overnight. In case of overnight stay of non-registered people, a contractual penalty of 100,00 € per person will be charged for each person, as well as tourist tax for every individual.

The provider commits to provide security for all guests and their belongings. However, the provider is not liable for any injuries of the guests in the apartments.

The guest is obliged to take care of his own safety and the safety of other people in the apartment settlement, as well as the safety of their property and the appropriate control of machines and devices that they bring along.

On the day of departure, the apartment must be vacated and keys returned until 10:00 a.m. if not otherwise agreed. If the guest exceeds this time without a prior agreement with the provider, the provider can request an additional 50% of the daily rent payment.


Any disputes will be settled by the competent court in Ljubljana with the use of Slovenian law. General conditions have properties of the contract and are an integral part of the contract on the rental of apartments. These general conditions shall take effect on the day of their publication at, on July 15, 2020.

Ljubljana, July 15, 2020

Sweet Stay, Oddajanje nepremičnin, Polonca Gašperič s.p.

Cesta na Brdo 2

SI-1000 Ljubljana