#Moravske Toplice

If you visit Pomurje, you should definitley make a stop at the Expano exhibition. It is best to go there at the beginning of your visit to Prekmurje. You will get more ideas of what is worthwhile visiting in person when exploring Pomurje on your own. It is just 9.5 km away from Sweet Stay Spa Apartments.

Expano is a pavilion that is identical to the Slovenian pavilion from the world exhibition Expo Milano 2015. Today, it stands on the site where archaeological evidence testifies to the first inhabitants of Murska Sobota. It offers a great, technologically advanced presentation of Prekmurje, which is interesting for all generations. The Expano is divided into several parts, among which the exhibition is the most interesting for visitors.

As part of the exhibition, you can watch a 3D film, which takes you into the history of Prekmurje, to the Pannonian Sea. Panoskop is excellent for planning your visit to the sights of Prekmurje. It is a very large photo that you can enlarge yourself and look at interesting points “up close” and from different angles before you may visit them later. Since the vast majority of visitors to Prekmurje come there because of the spa, part of the exhibition (Neuroterme) is dedicated to water. You will be able to try to move the water in the tube only with the help of your thoughts or to compose a word from water jets. In the part called Čarobna jasa, you will get to know the animals and plants of Prekmurje. For a very interesting adventure, treat yourself to a virtual balloon flight over the Pomurje plains. If you become hungry after visiting the exhibition, you can enjoy in one of the excellent dishes of Prekmurje, which are served in the Expano restaurant. You can also buy local farm products in the shop to take home.

Outdoor play and a slide will definitely be interesting for children. However, you can easily enjoy Lake Sobota, which also offers swimmers a pleasant refreshment in summer.

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