A chocolate scented success story

#Moravske Toplice

I have known Jasmina for a long time. Our paths crossed in a company where we were co-workers and eventually became friends. She soon found out that she could create something (even) better at home in Prekmurje with her Tomaž.

And they started. In fact, Jasmina’s great-grandfather started to run a farm in 1940 and all subsequent generations continued. After a few years, Jasmina and Tomaž left their jobs in Ljubljana and completely devoted themselves to work at the Passero homestead in Tešanovci, Prekmurje.

Thus, the young, full of ideas graduate food technologists created something completely fresh and new. They combined local flavours (gibanica, jurka, pumpkin, Prekmurje ham, Traminer, elderberry, herbs, spices…) with chocolate and created many unique products in the form of chocolates and pralines. The word about their work spread quickly, so their products soon conquered boutique stores throughout Slovenia. What is unique about their chocolate shop is that in addition to tasting and shopping, they enable visitors to participate in the creation of their own “chocolate dreams”. Therefore, with prior notice, they allow smaller groups of chocolate lovers to participate in the creation of many chocolate delicacies.

The chocolate shop, however, is not all that the Passero estate has to offer. You can chat with them, drink delicious coffee in the café or treat yourself to fresh ice cream and homemade desserts. If you wish, they can prepare a tasting of quality homemade delicacies – dried meats, spreads, pumpkin oil, juices, spirits and wines. If you specially like something, you can buy their products for later gourmet pleasures or as a gift for your friends. All products have a nice packaging decorated with a sparrow (Passero = Italian sparrow). Just as sparrows can eat over 800 different types of food, Jasmina and Tomaž also play with hundreds of different flavours to enrich their chocolate.

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