A walk above the meadows in Lončarovci

A walk above the meadows in Lončarovci

If you are interested in the hidden natural beauties of Prekmurje, you can visit a secret tourist spot – “A walk through wet meadows in Lončarovci”. It is only 14 km away from Sweet Stay Spa Apartments, so you can easily reach the starting point by bike or car.

The attraction is a great stopping point for hikers, cyclists and other passers-by. A wooden learning path goes along the protected extensive wet meadows and the Curek stream. It is one of the smallest streams in Goričko, which originates between Lončarovci and Kančevci and flows along a riverbed full of bends to the settlement of Središče, where it crosses the border with Hungary.

You will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature as you walk above the wet meadows. The interpretative boards along the way are explaining the characteristics and ecology of natural values, the history of the place and describe protected plants and animal species. If you like to research, especially history, you will definitely be interested in the Turkish gorge. A legend says that the Turks buried gold in the gorge during their invasions. Today, the foxes and badgers have their dens in it. At the same time, you will also be able to see the remains of a former mill.

Lončarovci village

Nearby is a small village of Lončarovci, which dates back to the year 1366, when it was first mentioned. In 2002, it only had 63 inhabitants. There were many potters just 50 years ago (like in many other Pannonian villages). They made useful kitchenware, mainly of black clay. In the village, there is a self-standing two-storey belfry from the 1940s. In Lončarovci, you can eat one of the best fishes in the “Močvara” restaurant.

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